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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Some Fantastic Additions and ideas for Easter!

Oh So Cheeky Boutique loves Easter baskets full of fun and USABLE things...the dentist likes this too!
We now have MINI Market Totes...makes a great easter basket and is used all year round!  I find these a great way for my girls to stay organized...ds games, ipods, polly pockets and legos!  The baskets are a vast improvement over Sophia's storage of her squinkies...that used to be in an shoe box! 
They come in MANY colors for boys and girls!
 Personalization is included!  I have a great boy font for your little guys!
Order today at www.ohsocheekyboutique.com

I was packaging these cute headbands up for a sweet friend and thought...how cute would this be in her easter basket?  Wish I could get away with this but I think Olivia and Sophia may know that the bunny didn't bring anything with their name on it!  :(

These come in many colors...all rich great hues!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Big Brother Big Sister Little Brother Little Sister Sibling Tee Shirts...we got em all!

A few more cute faces from Oh so Cheeky Boutique!
These can be personalized and customized to match your little girl!
As you can see...there are many combination's to be had!
What better way to tell Grandma or Grandpa you are expecting?  Also a wonderful
way to make big brother or big sister know they are still the light of your eye!  We have tee shirts for girls, boys, and baby!
Order at www.ohsocheekyboutique.com

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

So...before you know it we will be in flip flops swimming suits and school will be out for summer! After this silly winter..I do not know of anyone who is not really really ready!

It's not too early to order your kiddos amazing teacher a appreciation gift! I am amazed daily at the dedication that my girls teachers give to them! Its not all about reading, writing and math..but most of these teachers love you children every single day! Wipe tears, noses, tie shoes...teach them to read when their Mom is having a hard time reaching them (case in point my sophie!) I am grateful daily for these tremendous dedicated souls!

To honor your child's teacher..Oh So Cheeky Boutique offers a super fun Tote Bag...that can be used for anything from a grocery trip, school bag or my favorite choice...beach bag or pool bag!
You can have the bag customized and personalized with your teachers first or last mane and I can also embroider...Miss or Mrs on the top!

Order these fun Personalized Totoe Bags today at www.ohsocheekyboutique.com

Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Personalized African American Sibling Tees from Oh So Cheeky Boutique

I am so super excited to have finally had my first request for Sibling tees for African American Sisters! Sweet personalized custom baby, little sister, big sister, little brother and big brother tee shirts are all available!

I am so busy I do not often have time to add new things unless I have a specific request..so this was a happy order for me!
Order today and www.ohsocheekyboutique.com and please share with your friends and family!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Printed BFF Tees and American Girl & Bitty Baby Matching Personalized Tee Shirts

OK...these have been a tremendous hit...and so very fun to make too!
Oh So Cheeky offers Matching Best Friends Forever Tees for your son or daughter and his or her BFF, or you little girl and her American Girl Doll and Bitty Baby Doll!  We have also had a ton of orders for best cousins tees!

The tees are customized with the girls names and if you choose the design with the little girls..their hair length and color is also personalized to match your little ones!
So So much fun!  Order today at www.ohsocheekyboutique.com

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Here are a few new designs from our printed tee line!  Cute stuff and a great way to celebrate a kiddos Birthday!  These fun personalized tee shirts are perfect to order for you own little girl or boy...or a great gift to present to the birthday kid!  Great to celebrate first birthday's and make sure your baby is decked out adorable for his or her party!
The names, numbers and text are customizable...colors too!
Order today at www.ohsocheekyboutique.com!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So....this is what spring break was for us...BREAK being the operative word!
Since this is break #2 on the same arm (in 6 months) for Olivia..she got a special personalized
humor tee shirt from her Mom!  I can make a custome personalized tee for you too...you choose the saying and I will make the shirt!
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